We’re progressing!


I’ve painted the wood primer which took quite some time! Arrrghh I was so tired after that. It’s not even funny. But anyway I have everything ready to finish my desk now. I bought thee coolest handles. I like to imagine I’m a wizard or something and that it is my crystal ball. Tomorrow I will be painting the final coat and pick up my desk’s inlay print. So amped! 😀 Already looking good, hey? Even if it is pink! haha


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1st Upcycle project


So Koukliaa was launched a few weeks ago and I have been searching for a new project to post about… I found it.

While I was visiting family, I noticed this old desk with a torn leather inlay. Since it was torn, it was just like thrown into the garage hidden from sight. I could just feel the inspiration flow in. I thought: Grey with pennies under glass, instead of inlay? I stuck with this idea for quite some time, till I realised getting pennies into South Africa is quite a mission.

After searching for pennies on ebay auctions with free delivery, which were scarce, I gave up.

I started sanding it today, bought handles and paint (Plascon Butterfly Wing Y6-E2-1) It is a sexy grey with a slight green tint.


So while at the Grand’rents I thought I might aswell start.